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93 Fixing Broken Beauty Laws with Lindsay Dahl, SVP of Social Mission at Beautycounter

Episode Summary

Beautycounter takes their mission straight to Capitol Hill. Hear how SVP of Social Misison, Lindsay Dahl lobbies for clean beauty.

Episode Notes

In the U.S., federal regulations are lagging decades behind the science of the beauty industry. That's why Beautycounter hired its own lobbyist.

The last time the beauty industry had a significant regulatory update was in 1938, so Beautyconuter founder Gregg Renfrew hired Lindsay Dahl to lead the charge and bring U.S. beauty regulations into this century. As a self-proclaimed "professional agitator" and veteran public health lobbyist, Lindsay is in the trenches. She travels back and forth to D.C., holding strategic meetings with elected officials, and presenting Beautycounter's science-backed issues and proposed solutions.

In just five years since she started as the Beautycounter SVP of Social Mission, Lindsay has already helped pass laws that have changed how beauty products are regulated — and this is only the beginning.

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