Well Made

34 Building the Right Tools the First Time with Seph Skerritt, founder of Proper Cloth

Episode Summary

Proper Cloth founder Seph Skerritt shares how he went from electrical engineering to building web tools for finding the perfect fit.

Episode Notes

Proper Cloth uses technology to power personalization in the form of dress shirts. From the beginning, Seph used technology to guide big decisions for the brand. But even while building the software, Seph and his small team would alternate weekends, fitting clientele in their showroom. They used fittings as opportunities to gather data points and refine their platform.

Ten years later, their growth is still as calculated as ever. They're continuously improving their style quiz for a seamless fit while scaling a methodical supply chain and diversifying their catalog for a complete menswear experience.

In this episode, Seph shares his bootstrapping experience, why Proper Cloth is building their tools in-house, how they're experimenting with marketing, and what’s in store for the future.

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