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74 Taking Sunscreen Seriously with Amanda Baldwin, President of Supergoop!

Episode Summary

On this episode, President of Supergoop!, Amanda Baldwin shares how she's leading the mission-driven sunscreen brand forward.

Episode Notes

Protecting your skin from the sun is important, yet sunscreen is a surprisingly sleepy category. Initially conceived as a product for schools in 2007, now you can shop for Supergoop! on their website and on shelves alongside beauty products at Sephora and Nordstrom. The brand is changing the reception around suncare with first in-their-class, feel-good SPF essentials like their Superscreen moisturizer and new Shimmershades.

As President of Supergoop!, Amanda Baldwin is leading the mission-driven sunscreen brand and layering a digital footprint over top. Amanda brings a long history in operations and marketing cosmetics and luxury goods from LVMH, Estée Lauder, Dior, and L Catterton. As a former private equity investor, she brings a broad perspective to the table. Now she’s building scalable and sustainable business solutions for Supergoop!

On this episode, Amanda talks about their omnichannel strategy to avoid counterfeits (9:43). Sunscreen is a challenging category because it’s regulated by the FDA. Amanda talks about navigating regulations and getting ahead of them (16:51) by continually evolving and improving formulas (23:24). Amanda shares how to think like an investor in your career and business (28:01). She explains the power of learning all that you can while working at enterprise companies and finding your value add (33:22). Amanda admits building a team is often a trial-and-error, matchmaking process (39:46). Lastly, Amanda shares how the importance SPF use informs the exciting product innovations they’re making at Supergoop! (41:37).

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