Well Made

9 Moving On When Everything is Perfect with Mig Reyes

Episode Summary

Designer and writer Mig Reyes talks to Stephan about his experiences designing before "UX" and "UI" and talks about the evolving role of the designer.

Episode Notes

Mig Reyes is a writer and traditionally trained graphic designer who found himself designing for the web before the UI and UX designers were common job titles. In addition to being the co-president of AIGA Chicago, he's formerly worked at Tock, Basecamp, and Threadless, really blazing a trail of beautiful spaces and experiences on the web. Now Mig is taking his talent and experience to Trunk Club as a design lead. On this episode of Well Made, Stephan talks to Mig about his role in the conception of these iconic web companies, and how he sees the role of the designer evolving.

Visit the Lumi Blog for examples of Mig's work and highlights from the episode.