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58 Learning the Value of Conversation with Alex Friedman, co-CEO and co-founder of LOLA

Episode Summary

Alex Friedman is the co-CEO and co-founder of LOLA — a brand delivering feminine hygiene products on a custom subscription service. On this episode, she's sharing how transparency is encouraging candid conversations around periods, sex, and reproductive health.

Episode Notes

It's not always easy for women to talk and learn about their periods or reproductive health. LOLA co-CEOs and founders, Alex Friedman and Jordana Kier realized they weren't the only ones confused or curious about the products coming in contact with their bodies. So in 2015, they set out to answer a seemingly simple question: What are tampons made of? LOLA launched with organic, non-toxic cotton tampons and have since built a product line of feminine hygiene and sexual health products.

On this episode, co-founder Alex Friedman talks about validating their idea for LOLA with early focus groups (6:31). After recently raising a Series B, she shares how they pitched tampons to male investors (14:00). Alex shares how their transparency is encouraging conversations around taboo subjects (17:32). She shares how she splits roles with co-CEO, Jordana Kier (24:31) and their recent launch, SEX by LOLA (28:23). Alex shares how they put a focus on dialogue (31:00) by building a sex hotline (32:09). Lastly, she opens up about LOLA helping women find their voice (41:50).

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