Well Made

99 Feeling Like a Kid Again with Gregory Sewitz, Co-Founder of Magic Spoon

Episode Summary

The magic of Magic Spoon is in its trifecta of sweeteners that keep it low in sugar and its high quality dairy protein. Co-founder Gregory Sewitz talks sourcing, formulations, and why he'll never work with live crickets again.

Episode Notes

At first, Magic Spoon may sound like a tough sell, but there are a few reasons why people are buying it. Nutritionally, it's more in line with a protein bar than a cereal. It's made for adults, but aesthetically it channels a childlike nostalgia. And even at $10 a box, per gram of protein, it's a pretty good deal.

This isn't the first time Gregory Sewitz and his co-founder Gabi Lewis have taken a gamble on a tough-sell protein. With their first company, Exo, they sold cricket flour protein bars. They learned a lot about regulatory challenges and supply chain complexities, then sold that company and tried their hand at cereal. High protein, low sugar, delicious, brightly colored cereal.

As Gregory plans ahead for a future on grocery store shelves, he's sharing everything they've learned in the first six months since launching.

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