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65 Having the Sustainable Sex Talk with Meika Hollender, CEO and co-founder of Sustain Natural

Episode Summary

A conversation with Sustain Natural founder, Meika Hollender on starting an all-natural period and sex startup with her dad.

Episode Notes

If it’s going in, on, or around women’s bodies, you can bet Sustain Natural is making it. Meika Hollender never thought she’d start a company. She grew up seeing her father, Jeffrey Hollender found, Seventh Generation and she was in business school when their career paths aligned. Starting a sex and period essentials brand with her dad was never in Meika’s plans, but she’s taken the reigns to create more sustainable reproductive health products, inciting conversations around women’s health and sex along the way.

On this episode, Meika talks about starting a condom startup with her dad (3:59), their relationship as business partners (5:43), and talking openly about sexual health with her family (9:41). Meika describes the dramatic shift in their business since the 2016 presidential election (15:10), gets candid about the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements (17:56), and shares how they’re positioning their advocacy (22:33). Meika shares hows they’re focused on diversifying their advertising strategy when the rules are constantly changing for a brand in a sensitive space (27:52). Meika speaks on Sustain’s approach to making and selling sustainable period products (36:55) and the importance of Organic, Fairtrade, and B Corporation certifications (38:58). Finally, Meika shares how a poker game led to ThirdLove founder, Heidi Zak investing in Sustain and the lessons Meika’s learned from her (46:36).

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