Well Made

94 Converting Shoppers into Buyers with Dan Frommer, Founder of The New Consumer

Episode Summary

A report on the state of direct-to-consumer brands, straight from an expert. Founder of The New Consumer, Dan Frommer helps us digest the some milestone moments in ecommerce and what they mean for the future of how we shop.

Episode Notes

There was a time when the idea of shopping online was revolutionary. When you may have called yourself an ecommerce convert and swore to never step foot in a brick-and-mortar store ever again. But the truth is, while Prime Day gets bigger ever year, so does the line outside of Everlane's X retail stores.

Dan Frommer knows that change is the only constant in how we shop and what we buy. He launched The New Consumer to track that change. Dan used to be the editor-in-chief at Recode and a reporter at Quartz and Forbes. Now, every other week, he sends out a members-only newsletter with a real point of view to help you digest the ecommerce and retail trade headlines. He's on the Well Made podcast to give us a state-of-the-ecommerce-union report, diving deep into everything from the Harry's acquisition and CBD to globalization and tariffs.

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