Well Made

80 Seeding with Ara Katz, co-founder of Seed

Episode Summary

Breaking down the science of the microbiome with Seed.

Episode Notes

There are a kajillion microscopic cells in the human body, and at least half are bacteria. Seed is a life science and consumer health company exploring the vast connections between microbiomes and health. Their Daily Synbiotic is a supplement that promotes the community of microbes that dwell inside us. Ara Katz co-founded Seed when the birth of her son helped flourish her interest in the microbiome. The company is focused on educating people about the power of the microbiome.

On this episode, Ara Katz talks about translating the science of 38 trillion microorganisms living in and on our bodies (7:54). Stephan and Ara ponder panspermia (26:25) and sending bacteria to space (27:35). Ara helped produce several films before founding consumer goods companies. She shares how she directs Seed’s marketing and user design through a three-act structure (29:01). Ara reflects on normalizing bacteria (32:01) and making microbiome patties for honey bees (33:45). Stephan and Ara talk about living in a “plastiferous” time (35:19), using mushrooms-based packaging (41:57), and telling the story of our microverse (53:55).

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