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12 Leveling Out and Narrowing in With Richie Siegel

Episode Summary

Writer Richie Siegel is the brain behind the blog Loose Threads, reporting on the thriving cross section of technology, retail, and fashion. He and Stephan talk about trendsof 2016 that have led to the growth of brands like Glossier, Evelane, and Warby Parker.

Episode Notes

Writer Richie Siegel and Stephan talk about 2016’s big trends in the digital, direct-to-consumer market. In the past few years, with the boom of vertical commerce brands like Glossier, Everlane, and Warby Parker, the cross section of tech, retail, and fashion has been all the rage in the startup world. Instead of starting new apps, tech-inclined, business-savvy, design lovers have started direct-to-consumer brands in an attempt break down monopolies, disrupt age old supply chains, and change how consumers shop. 

On this episode, Stephan talks with Richie about brands that are changing how we think about retail and e-commerce, and what we can expect in the future.

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