Well Made

21 Granting Permission with Polly Rodriguez, Founder of Unbound Box

Episode Summary

Polly Rodriguez, founder of Unbound Box, talks about founding Unbound Box to illuminating the sex health space for women, and her past at Grouper.

Episode Notes

If being a female founder/CEO is rare, being a female founder in the sex industry would seem nearly impossible. As a severe side effect of a stage three cancer, Polly Rodriguez found herself going through menopause before she was old enough to go to a bar. To manage with the side effects, a friend advised her to buy a vibrator to deal with the drastic change in her body. She went to a Hustler Hollywood and discovered how mortifying the shopping experience was. 10 years later, she started Unbound Box — content and products to lead them to live a life that's sexually empowered. ​