Well Made

55 Creating a Safe Space for Beauty with Gloria Noto, founder of NOTO Botanics

Episode Summary

On a new episode of Well Made, NOTO Botanics founder, Gloria Noto, gets real about instincts, risk-taking, and building an all-inclusive, gender-fluid beauty brand.

Episode Notes

After a decade-long career in the editorial makeup industry, Gloria Noto, would found her own makeup and skincare line, NOTO Botanics, in 2016. Her all-natural full body collection of uni-sex oils, serums, and skin tints are multi-use and formulated for everyone. Her brand is a platform for education, activism, and inclusive brand messaging — all things she felt were missing in the wellness world. Even as NOTO grows, it’s Gloria’s vision of openness and authenticity that defines the line.

On this episode, Gloria talks about pursuing a creative career full-time (11:48). She shares how the makeup industry has changed with social media and paid advertising (13:53), and the importance of using queer, multi-racial, and gender-fluid imagery in the beauty space (15:16). Gloria talks about the stigma of makeup for men and aging for women (16:33). With her brand growing, she gets real about the tough manufacturing and hiring choices she’s facing (23:32). Gloria’s shares her big ideas for the future of NOTO Botanics (29:09) and how she's running an instinctive business (32:55) and embracing her whole identity (36:40).

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