Well Made

19 Talking Trash with Iris Alonzo

Episode Summary

After 11 years as the Creative Director of American Apparel, Iris Alonzo is off to a new apparel adventure founded on principles that are good for workers and the planet. She talks about what she's learned designing EVERYBODY and making the first tee out of 100% recycled cotton.

Episode Notes

Through good times and bad, Iris Alonzo was the Creative Director at American Apparel for 11 years, and now she’s on to her own venture with fellow American Apparel creative Carolina Crespo.

The brand is called EVERYBODY and it’s founded on unwavering principles of manufacturing practices that are good for workers and the planet. On the podcast, Iris talks about what she learned from American Apparel, the unique design process behind the clothes at EVERYBODY, and the making of their Trash Tee — the first tee made from 100% recycled cotton.