Well Made

33 Reclaiming the Freezer with Rachel Drori, CEO and founder of Daily Harvest

Episode Summary

Daily Harvest is making healthy food accessible and strikingly beautiful. On this episode CEO and founder, Rachel Drori, shares how she's reclaiming the freezer as a modern tool for convenience.

Episode Notes

Blending her experience in business development and marketing with a healthy dose of ambition, Daily Harvest CEO and founder, Rachel Drori, acquired over 100,000 customers in just three years.

After challenging herself to eat healthier, Rachel realized the problem: eating healthy takes time. Daily Harvest is the direct-to-consumer solution, using the freezer as a tool for convenience. She started out in a test kitchen, filling smoothie cups on her own, and now she's expanding her product line to bowls and sundaes using a cold supply chain, and a network of organic farmers.

On this episode, Rachel talks about reframing the freezer, fighting food fatigue, cutting through the noise of the grocery industry, and staying hungry as they scale.

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