Well Made

10 Asking Good Questions with Grace Bonney

Episode Summary

Writer and entrepreneur Grace Bonney talks to Stephan about the evolution of her extremely popular blog Design Sponge and her new book, "In the Company of Women."

Episode Notes

Grace Bonney is a blogging trailblazer. With an eye for interior design, DIY, and writing, she started Design*Sponge in 2004. It’s a super popular destination for all things creative — home, design, and entrepreneurship — that gets 1 million views daily. Now Grace has launched a new book, “In the Company of Women” talking to over 100 diverse women who have started their own creative careers and asking them really good questions.

On this episode, Stephan gets meta, asking Grace questions about those good questions — What are they? How do you ask them? And why are they important?

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