Well Made

133 Designing for longevity with Andy Fallshaw, Bellroy Co-founder and CEO

Episode Summary

Bellroy CEO and Co-founder Andy Fallshaw is debunking status quo for profit, purpose and product design, and evolving to meet the needs of our planet.

Episode Notes

If you bought a Bellroy wallet when the company launched a decade ago, you're probably still using it. For the past ten years, while they've worked to slim down your every day carry, they've slimmed down their environmental impact behind the scenes.

CEO and co-founder Andy Fallshaw has a unique brand of optimism that's a constant ebb and flow between digging into details, and panning out to see the full picture. On this episode, he's settling into the nuance of sustainability, talking through current and future solutions that adapt and evolve. To build for sustainability, you often have to break a few paradigms along the way.

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