Well Made

120 Trying New Things with Julie Nguyen, CEO and Co-founder of Methodology

Episode Summary

Chintextle. Purslane. Sir Prize avocados. Methodology founder Julie Nguyen is always trying to source exciting new foods for their menu. Delivered in jars, always healthy, and always filling, Methodology is innovating a new way forward for food delivery.

Episode Notes

A fridge that's full of Methodology meals isn't stacked with disposable trays. A Methodology fridge is stocked with columns of colorful foods, visible through glass jars.

Founder Julie Nguyen knows that the Methodology audience is niche — busy people who value high quality, sustainable ingredients — but since they launched five years ago, she's seen their dedicated customer base grow.

Every week with her co-founder Stephen Liu and their R&D team, Julie is sourcing new ingredients, while keeping their supply chain quality consistent. She's testing new menu items while continuing to produce customers' go-to favorites. And she's making health swaps while keeping their meals comforting and fulfilling.

In this episode, Julie talks about walking the line between keeping standards incredibly high while staying sustainable, finding a stride with automated marketing, traveling to expand the palate, and her discoveries about people's relationship with food.

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