Well Made

119 Knowing What it Means to Be a Good Business with Eric Edelson, CEO of Fireclay Tile

Episode Summary

In 2008, Fireclay Tile CEO Eric Edelson brought the tile business direct-to-consumer, and he hasn't looked back. He talks us through scaling past max capacity, becoming a B Corp, and staying recession proof.

Episode Notes

The tile industry moves slowly, but when Eric Edelson joined the Fireclay Tile team, he was set on speeding things up. They were making a phenomenal product and it felt like they’d hit their limit in wholesale. In a sort of eureka moment, Eric penned a new manifesto/business model for a going direct to consumer. That was in 2008.

With new flexibility and freedom, Fireclay Tile has experimented with all kinds of upcycled materials (from toilets to monitors), software for customization, sample processes, and sustainability initiatives. In 2015, they became the first tile company to be B Corp certified. Even in the midst of a pandemic, they didn’t lose speed. They were prepared with a plan of action, grounded in their core values: the health and safety of employees, business and client stability, love and kindness. 

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