Well Made

116 Rethinking your Framework with Vanessa Barboni Hallik, CEO of Another Tomorrow

Episode Summary

Vanessa is taking us through the carefully considered, incremental decisions it took to build an ethical supply chain for Another Tomorrow.

Episode Notes

Another Tomorrow launched in January, and already they've built an impressive criteria of sustainability standards to keep their supply chain ethical for human, animals, and the planet. Those are the three pillars of their business.

Vanessa Barboni Hallik didn't start in fashion. She started in finance, but as she was researching more sustainable finance, she uncovered the huge disparities in the supply chain ethics of fashion fashion brands and luxury sustainable brands. The gap felt unsurmountable, but Another Tomorrow is taking on the challenge, backed by science, data, and an incredible eye for fashion design.

In this episode, Vanessa shares how are patterns of apparel consumption can shift and she takes us into the depths of a carefully considered, ethical apparel supply chain.

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