Well Made

114 Finding Strength in Numbers with Nate Checketts, founder and CEO of Rhone

Episode Summary

In many ways, COVID-19 has made business stand still, so Nate Checketts found a way to keep things moving. Brands x Better is just one of the ways Rhone is adapting to a new world of business.

Episode Notes

In the midst of a pandemic, businesses and consumers are prompted to hurry up and wait. Meanwhile, the definition of essentials is governed, retail locations are ordered to close, and more and more people are out of work

While a period of in-between can feel stagnant, Rhone founder Nate Checketts decided to take action. He recruited 20 brands to join BRANDS × BETTER — a new coalition of companies that have pledged to donate a portion of their funds to COVID-19 relief organizations. This not only supports to relief efforts, but keeps businesses up and running. 

From "Not another coronavirus email" to unwavering product launches, Nate and his team at Rhone have opted for action instead of reaction and adapted with solutions that are right for their business and their customers.

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