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106 Predicting the Next Decade with Elizabeth Segran

Episode Summary

Fast Company Senior Staff Writer Elizabeth Segran reflects on the past decade of consumer trends and makes some insightful predictions about how gradual consumer shifts have lead to substantial changes in what consumers expect of brands.

Episode Notes

Fast Company Senior Staff writer, Elizabeth Segran is an expert in the cross section where fashion, technology, and ecommerce overlap. For every company that recycles innovative materials for fabric, opens an immersive retails space, or builds a sustainability initiative into their model, she's there to cover it. That's why we invited her on the show to reflect on the past couple decades of consumer trends and — more importantly — make some insightful predictions about what's to come. 

On this episode, Elizabeth and Stephan weave in and out of micro and meta. Listen to hear how gradual consumer shifts have created substantial changes in what people expect of brands and which brands they're choosing to buy into.

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