Well Made

101 Solving a Worthy Problem with Susan Tynan, CEO and Founder of Framebridge

Episode Summary

Framing priceless pieces requires a ton of customer confidence. Hear how Framebridge founder and CEO Susan Tynan built that confidence by sweating the details, building out a new factory, and launching two brick-and-mortar locations.

Episode Notes

For founder Susan Tynan, the MVP version of Framebridge had to be maximum, not minimum. If they wanted people to feel confident sending invaluable art and artifacts for custom framing, there was no way around it. They had to launch knowing that they could get it all right the first time. Getting it right the first time meant building out a full factory, several rounds of fundraising, and most recently, launching two retail stores in their home city, Washington D.C.

Listen in to hear how Susan sweated the details to build confidence through experience and how she's reverting back from her tech instincts to get to the root of efficient manufacturing.

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