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51 Predicting Trends in Real Time with Cheryl Kaplan, President of M.Gemi

Episode Summary

A conversation with Cheryl Kaplan, President of luxury shoe brand M.Gemi, on closing the customer feedback loop with data to stay a step ahead.

Episode Notes

M.Gemi releases new styles every Monday, teasing a sandal, loafer, or heel online and immediately selling out hours later. It’s a new kind of retail model they’re able to execute because of a strategic supply chain set up in Italy. President, Cheryl Kaplan says that working with this timeline helps keep the brand agile. They can turn around a customized inventory of styles and sizes based on instant data from across their channels. Setting a new standard for a responsive, data-driven shoe company, M.Gemi seem to have their hands (and feet) full.

On this episode, Cheryl talks about the flexibility and direct-response relationship they have (7:11). She gives examples of how they collect, use, and act on data (10:08). She talks about building authentic partnerships with influencers (15:47). She shares insights from her twenty-plus career in the retail industry (22:36) and lessons in working at startups (23:40). Cheryl details the logistical challenges of their weekly drop, and how it affects their different retail channels (32:54). Lastly, she explains how they’re building an engaged audience (34:57) and managing changing customer expectations (41:30).

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